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Rhodizites have become a passion of mine over the last couple of years. They resonate on

such a high vibratory level that it is hard not to be charmed! I received one small crystal as a

free gift after purchasing a star

included hollandite crystal from Madagascar many years ago. 

 Rhodizites (ROE-diz-ite) are often called the "Master Crystal" of ancient Lemuria. They are found almost

exclusively in Madagascar. However, they are also found in Russia and to a much lesser

degree in Wisconsin. Rhodizite crystals were discovered in a most unusual way. M. Gustan

Rose found his new mineral not braving the rugged outback of Madagascar in 1834 but while

studying tourmalines in a Berlin Museum. He named it Rhodizite for the rose colored flame it

emitted when heated. One could surmise it was a nod to his surname as well.  I found this

great information in the Journal de Chimie Medicale, October 1835 edition.


Rhodizite crystals are now available for purchase!

The crystals range from 3-5 mm in size. However, don't let size

fool you. They are "little fireballs of energy" tm. Rhodizite

crystals are considered to be natural orgone energy generators.

Truly rare rhodizite crystals from Madagascar. Rhodizite are my

favorite crystals due to their natural dodecahedron shape and

powerful amplification abilities.  They grow in central madagascar in highly evolved

pegmatite rocks along with red tourmaline, black tourmaline,

danburite, apatite etc. What great "neighbors" to have!

Many people are shocked that such a small crystal can

have such powerful energy. Rhodizite chemistry

includes cesium, rubidium, beryllium, boron, aluminum,

and lithium. Rhodizites rare chemical makeup coupled

with its dodecahedron shape hints as to why they are so

rare and special!  I will make sure to put at least

one large crystal in

your order. However, it has been my experience that

size does

not matter with rhodizite crystals. The most powerful

rhodizite i have experienced was one of the smallest i

have ever seen.

Rhodizite forms a series with the newly approved (1999) species

Londonite with Rhodizite being the potassium end member.

I have been working with these crystals for many years and

they are very special. Gifting them to friends has been a true

joy. The feedback has been tremendous. 

Rhodizites are also known as the "Master Crystal" of ancient

Lemuria. I can't confirm that. However, rhodizite

crystals are a powerful ally to work with in

the spiritual arts!

 I have found that rhodizite is perhaps the best

crystal to initiate people into metaphysical crystal awareness.

They vibrate on such a high level that even the staunchest of

non believers often experience their power. Rhodizite

crystals are perfect for grids, meditation, Orgone,

Body work, amplifying other crystals, and for "pocket

rocks" to empower you through the day. I don't like to

leave home without them! Also, if you make

orgonite than you will want to work with these crystals!

They are truly natural "orgone generators" that will

substantially enhance the power of your pieces. You can

really feel the difference!

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platform.  Here at Rhodizite.com we pride ourselves on shipping in a timely manner. 

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orders please contact me before you order and i will

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Free high vibrational Madagascar quartz crystal with every order!

A Recent customer testimonial:

Very nice selection of crystals. What I liked most, is that this seller treated me as a

VIP customer, a friend. And this is, my fellow buyers, what I kind of miss these

days...a little warmth, friendly approach and understanding of the buyers needs

and concerns.. Thanks a lot Kris!


Rhodizite Rising Kit! Rare Black, Orange, and XL Rhodizite! You will receive 3 black, orange, and cream colored rhodizite. Also, the kit includes 3 XL 5-6 mm Rhodizite.

Amount : 60.0 USD
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Angel White Rhodizite and Herkimer Diamond Kit! 12 Awesome Rare White Rhodizite and 4 Herkimer Diamonds..

Amount : 60.0 USD
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100 Rhodizite Crystals 3-5 mm. Beautiful Dodecahedrons!

Amount : 60.0 USD

200 Rhodizite 3-5 mm. Beautiful Dodecahedrons. Master Crystals!

Amount : 115.0 USD

 Wholesale prices for Rhodizite crystals!

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